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Veterynarna biotehnologija – Veterinary biotechnology, 2016, 28, 62–68 [in Ukrainian].

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Experimental Station of Epizootology of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine of NAAS

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Scientific Research Center of Human Ecology of the Ostroh Academy of Sciences


Introduction. The article introduced the problem of radioactive contamination of foodstuffs of animal and vegetable origin in northern Rivne oblast. It is found that even after 29 years since the Chernobyl accident, in northern Rivne oblast there are high levels of radioactive contamination of soil and products.

Materials and methods. During the research the cartographic materials of Rivne branch SI “Institute for Soil Protection Ukraine”, the forms of statistical reports of the Rivne Regional Sanitary and Epidemiological laboratory were used. The assessment of the radioactive pollution carried out on the results of gamma-spectrometric and dosimetry researches.

Results and discussion. The main reason of the accelerated migration of cesium-137 in food chains is acidic soil reaction and low content in soils of Polesie of minerals of mica that can fix radioisotopes. It was proved that main factor of dose radiation currently is the use into food the products “of forest” (wild mushrooms and berries), milk from the private sector, in which, according to the results of the research, of radionuclide content far exceeds an acceptable standards. The highest percent of discrepancies in content of Cs-137 in mushrooms and wild berries, during the years of research is in Dubrovytsya (mushrooms 83.3–100%, berries 2.4–62.5%), Sarny (mushrooms 56.2–95.0%, berries 28.6–50.0%) and Rokytne (mushrooms 62.5–76.0%, berries 5.8–15.6%) oblast. In other contaminated regions the persent of Cs-137 content in mushrooms and wild berries in the range of 9.1–63.6% and 4.3–17.9% respectively. The most polluted animal products are fixed in Rokytne district. Thus, the percent of discrepancy content of cesium-137 in milk samples here range from 37.6 to 45.1%. In Volodymyrets district, the percent mismatch of the samples is 9.3–12.1% in Dubrovytsya district – 4.1–8.3%, and in Zarichne-Sarnensky district 4.8–11.5% and 3.8–14.1% respectively.

Conclusion and prospects for further research. Radioactive pollution of food products of plant and animal origin in northern Rivne oblast still remains a major problem in the oblast. To improve the radiation situation in the oblast the complex of reclamation, of radioprotective and of monitoring measures should be taken.

Keywords: radioisotopes, radioactive contamination, radionuclides, food, ecosystems.


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