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Veterynarna biotehnologija – Veterinary biotechnology, 2016, 28, 173-181 [in Ukrainian].

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Experimental Station of Epizootology of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine of NAAS


Introduction. Enzootic Bovine Leukosis (EBL) present in Ukraine for more than 60 years. Currently the country overcomed epizooty of diseases. Nevertheless, sporadic cases of bovine leukemia virus infection continued registered annually. It could cause development of a new epizooty.

The goal of the work was to establish the prevalence of EBL in Ukraine and determine factors that could facilitate new manifestation spreading of disease.

Materials and methods. Data of official veterinary statistics, materials of publications and results of own research were used. The results were evaluated using epizootological, analytical and statistical methods.

Results of research and discussion. By the middle of the last century our country was free of Enzootic Bovine Leukosis. The first case of disease was registered in Kharkiv region in 1953. The main reason of it appearance was import of infected animals from Western European countries where disease was present. Since that time, EBL was spread through the country.

The implementation of the Agar Gel-Immunodiffusion Test (AGID) in 1988 made possible to detect animals at the early stage of Bovine leucosiswith subsequent elimination them from the herds. As a result, epizooty of Bovine leukosis was overcomed. Nevertheless, sporadic cases of BLV infection continued registered annually. In October 2015 10 stations with presence of Bovine leukosis were in two regions of Ukraine (Rivne region – 1, Kharkiv – 9). It poses a risk of recurrence of Bovine leukosis epizooty in previously recovered farms (as it had happened in the Zakarpattia region, Volyn and Rivne). For the past 6 years, sporadic manifestation of disease was caused mainly by such subjective factors as a non-performance of prevention and control measures in the farms of Ukraine.

Conclusion and prospects for future research. For the past years, the number of Enzootic Bovine Leukosis foci was reduced in Ukraine. It was occurred due to methodical using of specific diagnostic methods that contributed to early detection and elimination of sources of BLV infection.

Nevertheless, infection is still registered in our country that could be caused by such subjective factors as failure of using prevention and controlling measures in some farms. The successful eradication of disease is possible with strict implementation of the instructions of EBL prevention and control.

Keywords: Enzootic Bovine Leukosis, epidemiologic situation, prevalence.


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