Bulletin "Veterinary biotechnology"

Veterynarna biotehnologija – Veterinary biotechnology, 2019, 34, 160-168 [in English]. https://doi.org/10.31073/vet_biotech34-20

ENCIU VALERIU, Dr. habil., Prof., e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

State Agrarian University of Moldova


The paper presents the results of studies on the incidence of acropodium lesions in dairy cows in the conditions of farms in the Republic of Moldova. It has been established that about 23.6% of 2070 investigated dairy cows were affected by various diseases of claws. The highest intensity of painful changes is observed in the autumn and spring. The anatomo-clinical and morphopathological researches have allowed to establish the degree of tissues destruction of acropodium in cows at different stages of disease development. Taking into account the degree of destruction of fingers in cows, a scheme of treatment using the drug “Formakast” was developed, the application of which allowed curing 83% of animals in 15 days, 91% – in 25 days, and 95% – in 30 days. Based on the results obtained, we have developed specific measures for nonspecific prophylaxis of acropodium lesions of lactating cows.

Keywords: acropodium of cows, diseases of fingers, lesions of tissues of acropodium, treatment of claw diseases of cows.


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