Bulletin "Veterinary biotechnology"

Veterynarna biotehnologija – Veterinary biotechnology, 2020, 36, 86-92 [in Ukrainian]. https://doi.org/10.31073/vet_biotech36-08

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Research Station of Epizootology of the IVM NAAS

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Stepan Gzhytskyi National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies, Lviv


Introduction. In the available literature, there are few statistics on the incidence of various etiologies in dogs and cats. Most manuals and directories indicate the incidence of a particular disease, not the pathology group. In this regard, there is a need to establish the nature of the spread of various pathologies of organ systems in pets.

The goal of the work. To study the manifestations of age-related changes in dogs and cats and identify the body systems suffering most in the process of gerontogenesis.

Materials and methods. Animals were classified by age from 1 year and older, considering their health species and sex determining the systems of the organism suffering most in the process of gerontogenesis. Each species, sex group was divided into 3 conditional categories – age group I (from 1 to 5 years), age group II (from 6 to 10 years), and age group IIІ (from 11 years and older).

Results of research and discussion. All dogs and cats older than 1 year were divided into large groups, depending on the reason for treatment: healthy and sick. Analyzing the results, we found that the age-related changes were mostly associated with the digestive, excretory and reproductive systems of organs. All age, sex groups of animals are prone to diseases of the digestive system. The excretory system also showed serious deviations from the norm observed in the process of life. Pathologies of the immune system were represented mainly by allergic reactions, however, sex, age patterns were not revealed. Musculoskeletal disorders have been uncommon. One of the rarest causes was pathology of the cardiovascular system.

Conclusions and prospects for further research. Research results revealed the systems suffering most in the process of gerontogenesis, among them digestive, excretory and reproductive ones. Thus, pathologies of the digestive system were detected in 20.4% of the examined animals, the excretory system in 17.3% of dogs and cats, the reproductive system in 13.2%. Pathologies of the immune, respiratory, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system occur in geriatric patients much less often and do not depend on the age of the animal.

Further research will focus on an in-depth study of the causes of the most common pathologies.

Keywords: dogs, cats, age, pathologies, systems of organ.


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