Bulletin "Veterinary biotechnology"

2018: Issue 32 (2)

ALEKSEEVA H.B. Research on leptospirosis imported in Ukraine pigs
ANDRIYASCHUK V.A., GORBATIUK O.I.,GORBATIUK O.I., GARKAVENKO T.O., RYZHENKO G.F., TIUTIUN S.N., UKHOVSKA T.N., ZHOVNIR A.M., KRYLENKO S.Yu. Bacteriological monitoring of necrobacillosis and means of its specific prevention
BIBEN I.A., ZAZHARSKIJ V.V., SOSNYTSKA A.A., KOLOSOVA V.S. Probiotic potency of aerococcus viridans on biomodel of white mice organism
BOGACH M.V., SKALCHUK V.V. Biochemical indicators of blood serum of calves during mixed passing of cryptosporidiosis and eimeriosis
BOIKO O.P., BOIKO P.K., WOLOSCHYN R.V., КURTIAK B.М., PUNDJAK Т.О., ROMANOVITSH М.S., SOBKO H.V. Comparative description of epizootic and epidemic situation on salmonellosis in Lviv oblast
DOBROZHAN I., SHEVCHENKO L. Content of antibiotics in chicken droppings of industrial flock with intensive technology of poultry production
EVERT V.V. Circovirus-associated enteritis: pathogenesis peculiarities, pathomorphology and immunopathology
EVTUSHENKO I.D., TSIMERMAN A.A. The contemporary aspects of the algorithm of diagnostics of dermatitis of parasitic etiology
FOTINA T.I., FOTINA H. A., KLISHCHOVA ZH. E., AREFIEV V. L., CHEMYCH О. М. The role of monitoring and control of toxicinfections and toxicoses in providing biosafety of Ukraine’s population
FOTINA T.I., VASHCHYK YE.V, SHCHERBYNA R. О. The problem of Pseudomonas aeruginosa antibiotic-resistance and search of effective means of fighting
GALAT M.V., KOVALENKO G.A., GALAT V.F., HALKA I.V., SYTIUK M.P., NYCHYK S.A. Prevalence of toxoplasmosis among wild boars on the territory of Ukraine
GARKAVENKO T.A., AZYRKINA I.M., SHALIMOVA L.O., KOZICKA T.G. Determination of the remaining amounts of baquiloprim and trimethoprim residue in meat, liver and kidney by microbiological method
GARKAVENKO T.O., MALIMON Z.V. Analysis of non-conformity to microbiological criteria detected in frozen fish and fish products imported to Ukraine
GOLIK M., POLUPAN I., BEZYMENNYI M., MAZUR М., DROZHZHE ZH., NEDOSEKOV V. Analysis of the epizootic situation on the rabies in Chernihiv oblast in 2017
GORBATIUK O.I., MINTSIUK E.P., ANDRIYASCHUK V.A., RYZHENKO G.F., ZHOVNIR A.M., REZNICHENKO L.S., DYBKOVA S.N., UKHOVSKA T.N., TIUTIUN S.N., KRYLENKO S.YU. The study of the membrane ATPase activity level of C. perfringens and gold nanoparticles’ effect cri
НUMENYUK V.V. Biology and ecology of bacteriophags (review)
ISHCHENKO L.M., KOVALENKO G.A., MUZYKINA L.M., MANDYGRA S.S., HALKA I.V., NYCHYK S.A., SPYRYDONOV V.G. Development and approbation of primers for identification of lumpy skin desease virus by qPCR method
KAMINSKA O., MARCHENKO T., EVTUSCHENKO T. Analysis of the condition and danger of corn grain contamination with deoxynivalenol in 2014–2017
KASJANENKO S.M., KASJANENKO O.I., NAGORNA L.V., GUSEV V.A. Levels of bacterial contamination of carcasses of waterfowl poultry
KASІANCHUK V.V., BERHILEVICH O.M., KUSTUROV V.B., DERYABIN O.M. Resistance of Escherichia coli isolates from the surface of the pork carcasses to the antibacterial preparations
KATSARABA O.A., SACHUK R.M., KULINICH O.V., NIKITINSKY P.A. Efficiency of the intrauterine preparation «Histerodev» in complex therapy in endometritis of the cows
KATYUKHA S.M., OREL A.M. The role of aboriginal fish in the emergence of an invasion in invading species
KATYUKHA S.М., SACHUK R.M., ZHYHALIUK S.V., LUKYANIK I.M. Investigation of subacute toxicity of antiparasitic preparation “Devimectin”
KHOMENKO V.G., KHOMENKO Y.V. Preparation of conjugate based on colloidal gold and recombinant g protein for diagnosis of brucellosis of animals
KHOMENKO YA., MUSHTUK I., AYSHPUR O., MINTSYUK Е. Peroxidase conjugate preparation for the diagnosis of enzootic bovine leucosis by Elisa kit
KLYMNYUK S.I., ROMANYUK L.B., BORAK V.P., KRAVETS N.YA. The retrospective analysis of the leptospirosis rate in Ternopil region
KOBYLIUKH I.B. Influence of “Prodeevit-tetra” and “Nanovit” preparations on the organism of dry cows
KOVALENKO G.A., GALAT M.V., SHERSTYUK A.D., HALKA I.V., NYCHYK S.A., NIKITOVA A.P., SHEVCHENKO T.V. The echinococcoses: the present situation and genotypes differentiation (review)
KRASOCHKO P.A., KRASOCHKO I.A., BOLSHAKOV S.A., SHASHKOVA Y.A., NYCHYK S.A. The state veterinary biotechnology in the Republic of Belarus at the modern stage
KRASOCHKO P.A., KURDEKO A.P., KRASOCHKO P.P., ZHAVORONOK S.V., ARABEY A.A., BORISOVEDS D.S., PROKOPENKOVE T.M., NYCHYK S.A. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in the diagnosis of hepatitis E in pigs
KRASOCHKO P.A., KURDEKO A.P., KRASOCHKO P.P., ZHAVORONOK S.V., ARABEY A.A., BORISOVETS D.S., PROKOPENKOVA T.M., TARASOV O.A. Spread of hepatitis E in pigs in Mogilev and Minsk regions of Belarus
KRASOCHKO P.A., YAROMCHYK Y.A., KRASOCHKO P.P., SINICA N.V., SHASHKOVA Y.U., NYCHYK S.A. Preventive efficiency of the dry alive сultural vaccine against infectious rhinotracheitis and bovine viral diarrhea
KRYVOSHYA P.Yu., RUD O.G. Methodical approaches to the radial hemolysis reaction use for equine infectious anemia diagnostics
KUKHTIN M.D., LAYTER-MOSKALYUK S.V., RESHETNYK A.A., TYUTYUN A.I., KOSYANCHUK N.I., PERKIY YU.B., HUDZ N.V. Quality and safety of raw cow’s milk in private farms
KUSHKEVYCH M.V., KOZAK M.R., PETRUH I.M., VLIZLO V.V. Cellular prion level in the animals’ tissues
LIAKHOVYCH L.M. Edema disease of swine: differentiation of clinical variants and terminal pathologies
LINIICHUK N.V. Analysis of the control of antimicrobial residues in unprocessed food products in Ukraine
LYULIN P., PRYKHODKO Y., FEDOROVA O The helminth fauna of intestinal canal of red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) in Kharkiv oblast
MANDYHRA M., LYSYTSYA A., VOLOVYK G., MANDYHRA Y., BOYKO O. Disinfection and environment
MANDYHRA S.S. Epidemiological situation of classical swine fever in the world in 2012–2017
MAZURKEVYCH A. The role of local bioethics commites in solving issues of the relationship between human and animals in research and education
MAZURKEVYCH T., VYSHKOVSKA I., HUDZ N. Lymphoid tissue of the Peyer's patch of the duck ileum
MIDYK S.V., USHKALOV V.O., DANCHUK V.V., SYSOLIATIN S.V., NIKITOVA А.P. The fatty acid composition of sausages at retail market in Kyiv
MUZYKA D., STEGNIY B., RULA O., TKACHENKO S., PISHCHANSKYI O.V., NAPNENKO O. Biological properties of low pathogenic avian influenza virus H7N3 isolated from wild ducks
NEMOVA T.V., PALIUKH T.A., SOLOMON V.V., TSVILIKHOVSKII M.I., HUDZ N.V. Application of the Bipolin-eco preparation for the treatment of calves for dyspepsia
OLIINIK N., POKRYSKO O. Laboratory diagnostics of the rabies – the reality and perspectives (review)
PALIY A.P., SUMAKOVA N.V. Determination of dezinvasion properties of “Fag” disposition
PRYKHODKO Y.O., MAZANNYY O.V., NIKIFOROVA O.V., BYRKA V.I. Laboratory and production investigations of insecto-acaricidal preparation “Ciflur”
PRYKHODKO Y.О., PONOMARENKO V.Y., BULAVINA V.S. Some protozoa are agent of dangerous zoonosis
PTASHOK A.L., KRASOCHKO P.P., KRASOCHKO V.P., NYCHYK S.A. Serological monitoring of infectious rhinotracheitis and parainfluenza-3 in cattle in the Vitebsk region
PYSKUN A.V., UKHOVSKYI V.V., NYCHYK S.A., PYSKUN O.O., MELNYCHENKO O.M., BYNDA A.V. Leptospirosis. The comparison of classification and nomenclature approaches of this zoonosis in Ukraine and in other countries of the world (review)
PYSKUN O.O., PYSKUN A.V., UKHOVSKYI V.V., SYTIUK M.P. Leptospirosis of wild pigs in Ukraine
RUDA M.E., VASJANOVYCH O.M., SAPEYKO V.P., JANGOL JU.A. Case of zearalontonoxicosis in pigs
RYZHENKO H.F., ANDRIIASCHUK V., ZHOVNIR O.M., GORBATIUK O.I., UKHOVSKA T.M., TIUTIUN S.M., REZNICHENKO L.S., DYBKOVA S.M. Study of the experimental samples of vaccines with metal nanoparticles against diseases caused by Clostridium perfringens by quality
SACHUK R.M., ZHYHALIUK S.V., KULINICH О.V., NECHYPORENKO O.L. Determination of acute toxicity parameters and improving the effect of utero-tonic preparation “Uterodev”
SACHUK R.M. Study of the intrauterine aerosol “Cefthiosol” tolerance to bovine cattle
SINITSYN V. A., ZAVIRIUHA G. A., YENENKO Y. N., IAVORSKA K. V. Modern aspects of using nanocomposites for improvement of drugs (review)
STETSKO T.I. Monitoring of the antimicrobial resistance of zoonotic bacteria in the European community (review)
STRAVSKYY Y.S., SERGEEV V.I. Disintoxication of the cows organism in pospartum period
STRAVSKYY Y.S., STRAVSKA S.M. Liposomal emulsion of hermatranol influence on the lipid peroxidation process in cows body and on their postnatal period course
TARASOV O.A., SAPEYKO V.P., AISHPUR E.E., BABKINA M.M., TERESHCHENKO S.M., ZOTSENKO I.A. Study of synergy effect of benzalconium chloride on antimicrobial activity of vegetable essential oils
TARASOV O.A., SAPEYKO V.P., BABKINA M.M., TERESCHENKO S.M., KRILENKO S.U., GUMENIUK V.V., SHEVCHENKO T.V. The research of antimicrobial properties of complex antibiotic preparation
TIUTIUN S.M., UKHOVSKA T.M., ZHOVNIR O.M., ANDRIYASCHUK V.A., GORBATIUK O.I., RYZHENKO G.F. Specific prevention of farm animals toxic infections caused by Clostridium perfringens
TIUTIUN S.N., GORBATIUK O.I., ANDRIYASCHUK V.A., RYZHENKO G.F., UKHOVSKA T.N., ZHOVNIR A.M. The effect of STP (stimulating tissue preparation) on the phagocytic activity of blood in vaccinated pigs
TURCHENKO O.N., ZON G.A. Leptospirosis in dogs in Sumy: epizootic monitoring, diagnostics and treatment
UKHOVSKYI V.V., MUZYKINA L.M., GALKA I.V., SPYRYDONOV V.G., ANTONIK I.I., PYSKUN O.O., PYSKUN A.V., TSARENKO T.M., SHEVCHENKO T.V. Development and validation of real time polymerase chain reaction for detection DNA of pathogenic Leptospira
VASJANOVYCH O.M., RUDA M.E., SAPEYKO V.P., JANGOL JU.A., BREZVYN O.M. Study of biosyntesis of Fusarium moniliforme sheldon that able to produce fumonisins
VASJANOVYCH O.M., RUDA M.E., SAPEYKO V.P., JANGOL JU.A., NECHIPORENKO O.L. Fusarium fungy ability to produce T-2 toxin
YAROSHENKO M.O. KUTSAN A.T., OROBCHENKO A.L. Monitoring of feeds for dairy cows of the daily stage on the availability of mold micromycets in the farms of the north-eastern region of Ukraine
ZABARNA I.V., USACHENKO N.V. Toxicological and biological evaluation of broiler-chickens products at farmazyn and tylotsyklinvet application
ZAVGORODNII A.I., BILUSHKO V.V., KALASHNYK M.V., POZMOGOVA S.A., KALASHNYK N.V. Pseudo-allergic reactions to tuberculin in cattle
ZAZHARSKYI V.V., DAVYDENKO P.О., KULISHENKO O.М., BOROVIK I.V. Antibacterial properties of phytopreparation on Staphylococcus spp
ZHOVNIR A.M., GORBATIUK O.I., ANDRIYASCHUK V.A., RYZHENKO G.F., TIUTIUN S.N., UKHOVSKA T.N., KRYLENKO S.YU., ULKO L.G. Biotic relations of Fusobacterium necrophorum in microbial associations in vitro
ZHURENKO V.V., SOROKA N.M., ZHURENKO E.V., HUDZ N.V. The influence of toltarox on the organism of type for cryptosporydiosis
ZON G.A., IVANOVSKAYA L.B. Current epizootic state on leptospirosis of cattle in Sumy oblast