Bulletin "Veterinary biotechnology"

2017: Issue 31

AZYRKINA I.M. Determination of the residual amount of quinolones in poultry products by microbiological method
GAVRASIEVA N.V., KUZMICH A.S., YUSHCHENKO A.Y., KLESTOVA Z.S. Adaptation of the bovine diarrhea virus strain «BUG-04» to non-permission animal cell cultures
GAVRASIEVA N.V., KUZMICH A.S., YUSHCHENKO A.Y., KOSTIYK A.V. Changes of the histomorphological structure of the bursa of Fabricius in chiken after immunization with immunocomplex live vaccines against Gumboro disease
GARKAVENKO T., BERHILEVYCH O. Research of antimicrobial resistance of bacterial animal diseases pathogtns to β-lactames in Ukraine
GOLIK M.O., POLUPAN I.M., NYCHYK S.A., SHARAI J.M., NEDOSEKOV V.V. Oral immunization of dogs against rabies
GURALSKA S. Immunohistochemistry of the organs of hemopoiesis and immunogenesis of chickens at infectious bronchitis
ISHCHENKO L.M., MUZYKINA L.M., KOVALENKO G.A., HALKA I.V., HUDZ N.V., NYCHYK S.A., SPYRYDONOV V.G. Lumpy skin disease of cattle: epizootology, characterization of the pathogen, diagnosis (review)
KRYVOSHYJA P.J., KOT L.B., RUD O.G. Obtaining cultural antigen for diagnostics equine infectious anemia in the DPR test
KRYVOSHYJA P.JU., RUD O.G. Cultivation of horse herpes virus type I on chicken embryos
KRYLENKO S.YU., BABKINA M.M., TERESCHENKO S.M., ZOTSENKO I.A., SAPEIKO V.P., TARASOV O.A., HUDZ N.V., HALKA I.V. Study of molecular genetic properties of vaccine strains of anthrax
MAZURKEVICH A., KOVPAK V., KOVPAK O., HUDZ N. Comparison of phenotype change in cells of fat tissue, bone marrow and pancreatic gland of cats with passages
MANDYGRA S.S., MUZYKINA L.M., ISHCHENKO L.M., KOVALENKO G.A., HALKA I.V., SYTJUK M.P., NYCHYK S.A., SPYRYDONOV V.G. Development of the test kit for the differential diagnostics of African and classical swine fever by RT-PCR in real time
MINTSYUK E., NYCHYK S., GORBATYUK O., RYZHENKO G., ANDRIYASCHUK V., ZHOVNIR A., UKHOVSKA T., TYUTYUN S., REZNICHENKO L., DIBKOVA S. Method of improving growth qualities of the anaerobic nutrient medium with copper nanoparticles
PLYS V.M. Epizootic monitoring of the mixed pasteurellosis and ascaridosis disease of poultry in Ukraine in 2012–2016
RADSIKHOVSKII N., ROZUMNIUK A., POLUPAN I. Indicators of erythrocytopoezes in the dogs with coronavirus enteritis
RUDA M. Determination of the efficiency of different sorbents doses against fungi aflatoxin B1 and zearalenon in vitro
YANGOL Yu.A. The basic toxic properties of fumonisins (review)
YASHCHUK T.S., RUSCHINSKAYA T.M., TIKHONOVА B.E. Improvement of ukrainian black and white dairy cattle under conditions of Ternopil oblast in the process of herds consolidation and forming of desirable dairy type of cows