Bulletin "Veterinary biotechnology"

2017: Issue 30

NIKITOVA A.P., POLUPAN I.M., LYNOK A.P., MARTYNIUK, O.G., NEDOSEKOV V.V. Specific prophylaxis of rabies in domestic and livestock animals
AZYRKINA I.M. Determination of the residual amount of aminoglycosides in poultry products by microbiological method
АKIMENKO L.I., NYCHYK S.A., BOYKO P.K., BOYKO O.P., ASSORI A.JU. Checking of the clostridium Chauvoei R-15 production strain typicality according to morphophiziological parameters
DOTSENKO R.V. Acute toxicity of the Imidacloprid in quails
GOLIK M.O., NEDOSEKOV V.V., IVANOV M.YU., SHARAI J.M., NYCHYK S.A., POLUPAN I.M. Effectiveness of oral immunization of dogs against rabies using vaccine “Brovarabis V-RG”
GORBATIUK O.I., ANDRIYASCHUK V.A., RYZHENKO G.F., ZHOVNIR A.M., REZNICHENKO L.S., DYBKOVA S.N., UKHOVSKA T.M., TIUTIUN S.M. The effect of metals nanoparticles on activation of metabolic processes in cells C. perfringens type A
HULYANYCH M.M., NEDOSEKOV V.V. Study of infectious activity of the infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus during long-term passage in cell culture
KATYUKHA S.М. Influence of environmental factors on the activity of bloodsucking black-flies attack
KATYUKHA S.М., SACHUK R.M., SUS G.V., MAGRELO N.V., TVERDYY B.M. New vitamin and mineral preparation «BTF plus»: efficacy of the use in a diet of broiler chickens in private farm
KATYUKHA S.N., VOZNYUK I.A. Anthelmintic effectiveness of the preparation «Ribolik» at trematode and cestode invasions of the carp
KOBYLUKH I.B., STRAVSKYY Y.S., REZNІCHENKO L.M. Influence of suppositories with content of Fe nanoparticles on immunolodical system of organism of cows
KOVALENKO V.L., ZAGREBELNYI A.V., SYNYTCYN V.A. Determination of microbicides efficiency at meat processing plants
KRASOCHKO P.A., PATIEVSKAYA E.E., USHACHEV A.E. Distribution of carnivores diseases in Minsk
KRYVOSHYJA P.JU., KOT L.B., ROMANKO M.V., RUD' O.G. Phagocytosis and sockets forming activity of neutrophils in the latent course of equine infectious anaemia
KULINICH О.V., SACHUK R.M. Determining parameters of the aerosol “Metrazol-bio” acute toxicity and cumulative properties
MANDYGRA S.S., MUZYKINA L.M., SYTJUK M.P., KOVALENKO G.A., HALKA I.V., NYCHYK S.A. Features of African swine fever pathogen
LYSYTSYA A.V., MANDYGRA Y.M., VYSOTSKY A.A. Future directions for use guanidine derivatives in veterinary medicine and agricultural production (review)
MEZHENSKYI A.O., KYIVSKA G.V. Dynamics of serum immunoglobulins at horses with different courses of uveitis
MAZUR M.V., POLUPAN I.М. Molecular genetic characterization of street rabies virus isolates selected in Ukraine
MAZURKEVICH A.I., KOVPAK V.V., KOVPAK O.S., GUDZ N.V. Morphological changes in various organs of rats in cases of alloxan-induced diabetes
РЕРКО V.O., SACHUK R.M., ZHYHALIUK S.V., HULYK I.T. Helminthofauna of wild ungulates: ecology, species composition, distribution (review)
PINCHUK N.G. Current global approach to quality control swine erysipelas vaccines by “potency”
RYZHENKO G.F., DYBKOVA S.М., GORBATYUK O.I., ANDRIYASCHUK V.A., ZHOVNIR O.M., TIUTIUN S.M., RIEZNICHENKO L.S., GRUZINA Т.G. Screening of metal nanoparticles for application in biotechnology of veterinary immunobiological agents
TARASOV O.A., BABKINА M.M., TERESHCHENKO S.M., ZOTCENKO I.A., KRILENKO S.U. Investigation of antigenic affinity of Streptococcus suis isolates in Ukraine
TIUTIUN А.І., KOSYANCHUK N.І., GUDZ N.V., USHAKOV F.О. Determination of bacterial contamination indices of sausage products in Odessa
UHOVSKYI V.V., ALEKSEEVA G.B., VOLINETZ V.A., BEZYMENNYY M.V. Mapping of circulating of leptospirosis causative agents horses in Ukraine
VASJANOVYCH O.M., RUDA M.E., JANGOL JU.A. Micromycetes species identification and study of their ability to produce fusariotoxins
YEVTUSHENKO T.V., OMELCHUN Y.A., NOVOZHYTSKA J.M. Development of methods for determining polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in water by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry after preliminary сoncentration
ZABARNA I. V., HOLOVKO N.P. Veterinary control of the residual amounts of tylosin and doxycycline in broiler chickens’ products