Bulletin "Veterinary biotechnology"

2016: Issue 29

ANTONIK I., KUCHERYAVENKO O., DYACHENKO A. Modern aspects of leptospirosis laboratory diagnostics (review)
BABKIN M.V., GAVRASIEVA N.V., KYZMICH G.S. Obtaininig of primary cell culture from freshwater molluscs
BABKINA M.M., PALCHYKOVSKA L.G., VASYLCHENKO O.V., DERIABIN O.M., TARASOV O.A. Determination of antibacterial activity of trheecyclic triazines against Klebsiella pneumoniae
BERHILEVYCH O.M., KASYANCHUK V.V. TEREKHYNA O.V., BERHILEVYCH O.O. CHERNECKII I. Prediction of number of psyhrotrophic microorganisms in refrigerated cow’s mikl with using artificial neural networks
BOYKO P.K., PALAMARCHYK A.M. Comparative of analysis morphological characteristics, tinctorial and biochemical properties of Pasteurella museum strains and field isolates
GARKAVENKO T.A., AZYRKINA I.M., ORDYNSKAYA D.A., GARKAVENKO V.N. Current issues in controling antimicrobial resistance of animals infectious dicease pathogens in Ukraine
GARKAVENKO T.A., AZYRKINA I.M., SHALIMOVA L.O. Determination of the residual amount of macrolides and β-lactams in poultry products by microbiological method
GOLIK M.O., NEDOSEKOV V.V., POLUPAN I.M. The role of the red fox in epizootics of rabies on the territory of Chernihiv oblast
HOMENKO I.V. The method for differentiation of antibodies specific for Yersinia enterocolitica (serovar 0:9) and Brucella abortus
HULYANYCH M.M., NEDOSEKOV V.V., GODOWSKY A.V. Selection of adjuvants for the construction of inactivated vaccine against infectious bovine rhinotracheitis
IVANOVA O.V., ZAKHARENKO M.О., SHEVCHENKO L.V., MIKHALSKA V.М., MALYUGA L.V., POLJAKOVSKIJ V.M. Content of veterinary preparations in sewage of pig farming enterprises
IVANCHENKO N.Y., YAKYMCHUK O.M., TSVILIKHOVSKIY M.I. Amino acids based metabolic therapy in epileptic dogs. organisms’ compensatory ability as the reason of limited clinical efficacy
KLESTOVA Z.S. Emergence viral diseases of animals and prediction of biorisks
KOVALENKO V.L., VASYANOVICH O.M., ZAGREBELNYI A.V. Studies on the effect of disinfectants on fungi species Aspergillus, Penicillium, Fusarium and Candida
KOVPAK V.V., KHARKEVYCH I.O., GUDZ N.V. Immune status of rats at an alloxan diabetes after administration of cell cultures
KOVPAK O.S. Phenotypic and morphological changes of myocardial cells culture during cultivation
KUDRYAVCHENKO А.P., ROMANENKO O.A., PUSTOVIT N.A., ROMANYSHYNA Y.R. Cultivation of toxoplasma gondii in cell culture
MEZHENSKYI A.A. Indicators of cellular immunity in horses at different courses of uveitis
MUZYKINA L.M., HALKA I.V., SYTIUK M.P., NYCHYK S.A., ISHCHENKO L.M., SPYRYDONOV V.G., VASILKIV O.B. Development and validation of method of virus Teschen disease RNA detection by real time PCR
NAPNENKO O.O. The history of reforming of the veterinary immunobiological means quality control system
NYCHYK S.A., POLUPAN I.M., MAZUR N.V., HOMENKO JA.V., SPYRYDONOV V.G. Sensitivity and specificity of anti-rabies immunoglobulins obtaines from quail eggs yolk antibody (Ig Y)
PETRENKO O.S., ALEKSEEVA H.B., PRISKOKA V.A., GOLOVAHA V.I., KYIVSKA G.V. Comparative characteristics of the sensitivity of the ELISA test systems of different manufacturers for diagnosis of enzootic bovine leucosis
PROKURATOVA O.V., KOLCHYK O.V., BABKIN M.V., HODOVSKYI O.V. Porcine eperythrozoonosis clinical manifestations analysis
PUSTOVIT N.A. Development and improvement of campylobacteria indentification technique
RADSIKHOVSKII N., DYSHKANT O., ROZUMNYUK A. Morphoological and biochemical indices of blood in dogs with parvovirus enteritis
RYZHENKO G.F., GORBATYUK O.I., ANDRIYASCHUK V.O, ZHOVNIR O.M., UKHOVSKA T.M, TIUTIUN S.M., KAMENCHUK P.P. Microbiological contamination of milk and milk products at subclinical mastitis in cows and ways of their prevention
RIEZNICHENKO L.S., DYBKOVA S.M., GRUZINA Т.G., RYZHENKO G.F., GORBATYUK O.I., ANDRIYASCHUK V.A., ZHOVNIR O.M. Experimental bismuth nanoparticles: antimicrobial effectiveness and biosafety level
RIEZNICHENKO L.S., DYBKOVA S.M., GRUZINA Т.G., RYZHENKO G.F., NYCHYK S.A., GORBATYUK O.I., ANDRIYASCHUK V.A., ZHOVNIR O.M. The way for bismuth nanoparticles usage in the technology of broiler-chickens growth
SYTJUK M.P., KOVALENKO G.A., HALKA I.V., MANDYGRA S.S, NYCHYK S.A., MANDYGRA M.S., BASHHENKO M.I. Epizootic analysis of African swine fever in Ukraine in 2012–2016
STEGNIY B.T., POTRJASAJEVA E.A., MUZYKA D.V. Applying of chicken and quail embryos fibroblasts culture for the cultivation of infectious bursal disease virus
TIUTIUN S.V., RYZHENKO G.F., GORBATIUK O.I., ANDRIIASCHIUK V.A., ZHOVNIR O.M. Vaccine prevention and vaccine therapy at cattle fusobacteriosis (necrobacillosis)
VASJANOVYCH O.M., RUDA M.E., JANGOL JU.A. Grain contamination by microscopic fungi in Ukraine
YAKUBCHAK O., LAPA O., BOYKO P. Study of morphological characteristics and properties of isolates of Campylobacter spp. and reference strain