Bulletin "Veterinary biotechnology"

2018: Issue 33

DANKEVYCH N.I. The technology for producing marine hydrobiont feed additives for the poultry, their fodder value and sanitary evaluation
DEMCHYSCHYN О.V., KUHTYN M.D, PERKIY YU.B., HORIUK YU.V. Effect of acidifier «Akvasan» on intestinal microbiocenosis of broiler chickens
DUDA Y.V., PRUS M.P., KUNEVA L.V., SHEVCHIK R.S. The effect of cysticercosis invasion on the internal organs condition and meat productivity of rabbits
GORBATIUK O.I., UKHOVSKA T.M., TIUTIUN S.M., ANDRIIASCHUK V.O., ZHOVNIR O.M., RYZHENKO G.F. Bacteriological monitoring of infectious diseases of pigs and means of their specific prevention
JANGOL JU.A. Determination of toxicity and toxin production of microscopic fungi in feed
KATYUKHA S.М. The clinical manifestation peculiarities of simuliidotoxicosis of cattle under the conditions of West Polyssya of Ukraine
KOVPAK O., KOVPAK V., MAZURKEVICH A., HUDZ N. Effect of fibroblasts growth factor (FGF-2) and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) on the proliferative activity of stem cells of cat
KOVPAK V.V., MAZURKEVICH A.I., KOVPAK O.S., TARASOV O.A. Influence of cryopreservation on the genetic stability of the cat stem cells in dependence on their source
KOREYBA L.V., DUDA Y.V. Features of protein exchange in high-producing cows in dry period
KRASOCHKO P.A., PRITYCHENKO A.V., PRITYCHENKO A.N., HUDZ N.V. Diagnostic features of factor infections in young cattle
KRYLENKO S.Y., TARASOV O.A., GUDZ N.V., BABKINA M.M., TERESCHENKO S.М. Influence of aminoacids on Bacillus genus bacteria spore germination
LOMAKO Y.V., KOVALEV N.A., BUCHUKURI D.V., BARYSAVETS D.S., ZUYKEVICH T.A. Study of rabies and development of preparations and methods of its prevention in the Republic of Belarus
MUZYKA V.P., LEVYTSKY T.R., NAZAR B.I., MANDYHRA U.M. Use of molecular-biological methods of researches for non-admission of origin prion infections in Ukraine
PISHCHANSKYI O., SAPACHOVA M., SUSHKO M., USACHENKO N., MEZHENSKYI A., KYIVSKA G. Molecular genetics monitoring of influenza in wild and domestic birds in Ukraine in 2016−2017
REBENKO Н., TITOVA T. The algorithm of epizootological audit of the swine farms for detection of the risks of emergent diseases like African swine fever
SACHUK R.M. Investigation of acute toxicity and local irritation of the vitamin-mineral preparation «Energolit»
SACHUK R.M., ZHYHALIUK S.V., KULINICH O.V., KALINOVSKAYA L.V., KATSARABA, O.A. Determination of stability of utero-tonic drug «Uteroedev»
SERGEEV V.I., STRAVSKYY Y.S. The immune status of cow’s organism after calving under the action of the Hepavex-200