Bulletin "Veterinary biotechnology"

2016: Issue 28

AYSHPUR O.Y., SAPON N.V., MUSHTUK I.Y., ZOZENKO I.A., SHEREMET N.O. Sensitivity of bacteria of genus Proteus to antibacterial preparations
HALKA I.V., RUDOI O.V., MUZYKINA L.M., CHEKHUN A.I., SIDORENKO T.V. Clostridium difficile isolation from clinical material of pigs
GARKAVENKO T.A., AZYRKINA I.M, KYIVSKA G.V. Comparative analysis of microbiological methods for determination of antibiotic residues preparations in poultry production
GARKAVENKO T., KOZITSKA T. Mechanism of resistance methods of detection methicillin-resistant staphylococcus (MRSA) (review)
GORBATIUK A.I., RYZHENKO G.F., ANDRIIACHUK V.O., ZHOVNIR O.M., UKHOVSKA T.M., TIUTIUN S.M. Levels of specific antibodies in rabbits when applying associated (multicomponent) vaccine “Multisuisan” and monovaccines
HUSCHUK V.I., SACHUK R.M., KATYUKHA S.M., HUSCHUK I.V. Assessment of radioactive contamination of foodstuffs of plant and animals origin in northern rayons of the Rivne oblast
IAKUBCHAK O.N., POCHTARENKO P.P., TARAN T.V., OLIUNIC L.V., HUDZ N.V. Some aspects veterinary-sanitary eczamination slaughter of broiler chickens for influence gamma-HCH
KATYUKHA S.N., VOZNYUK I.A. Spreading of parasitic diseases of fishes in the ponds of the Rivne oblast
KOVALENKO V.L., ZAHREBELNY O.V., BOVKUN T.V., KUNITSKY V.A. Problems of veterinary and sanitary evaluation and of disinfection meat-processing facilities
KOVALENKO G.A., HALKA I.V., RUDOJ A.V., SIDORENKO T.V., MUZYKINA L.N., POGREBNJAK O.P. A serological survey of mycoplasmosis (M. hyopneumoniae) among wild boars in north-western oblasts of Ukraine
KRYVOSHIYA P.YU., KOT L.B., ROMANKO M.V. Analysis of the regulatory base for the elimination and prevention of equine infectious anemia in some developed countries (review)
KULYKOVA V.V., PYSKUN A.V., UKHOVSKYI V.V., SHARANDAK P.V. Etiological structure of leptospirosis in pigs in farms of Ukraine
LAYTER-MOSKALYUK S.V., KUCHTYN M.D. Toxicological studies on the created acid detergent-disinfectant “TDS” for sanitary treatment of milking equipment
LOZHKINA O.V., MARCHUK O.T., PAVLUNKO V.G. Verification of ELISA method for diagnosis spongiform encephalopathy of cattle
MAZUR M.V., POLUPAN I.М. Genetic diversity of rabies virus and other Lyssavirus of animals
MAZUR N.V., NEDOSEKOV V.V, NYCHYK S.A., POLUPAN I.M. A method for producing hyperimmune antirabies serum of rabbits origin
MAZURKIEWICZ A.Y., KOVPAK V.V., KOVPAK O.S., GUDZ N.V. Cytogenetic analysis of mesenchymal stem cells of rats at different passages
MANDYGRA S.S., NYCHYK S.A., BUSOL V.O., LIUBAR N.V. Specifics of enzootic bovine leukosis spreading in Ukraine and its determining factors
MANOILO Y.B., YEVSTAFIEVA V.A. Effectiveness of the improved method of copro-ovoscopic diagnostics of oesophagostomiasis in pigs
MEZHENSKYI A.A. Intraocular pressure in clinically healthy horses and horses with uveitis
MILASTNAIA A.G., DUKHNICKY V.B., SOKOLIUK V.M. Diagnostical aspetcts of canine acute pancreatitis. Retrospective research
NIKITOVA A.P., POLUPAN I.M., NYCHYK S.A., ROZUMNYUK A.V., NEDOSEKOV V.V., IVANOV M.JU. Analisys of biorisks and their prevention during working with rabies virus in the laboratory
RYZHENKO G.F., GORBATYUK O.I., ANDRIYASCHUK V.A., ZHOVNIR O.M., KAMENCHUK P.P., TIUTIUM S.M., DYBKOVA S.М., RIEZNICHENKO L.S., GRUZINA Т.G. Estimation of biosafety and biocompartability of multicomponent vaccines “Multisuisan”
RYZHENKO G.F., GORBATYUK O.I., ANDRIYASCHUK V.A., ZHOVNIR O.M., RUDOY A.V., TIUTIUM S.M., DYBKOVA S.М., RIEZNICHENKO L.S., GRUZINA Т.G. In vivo evaluation of genotoxicity and mutagenicity of multicomponent vaccine “Multibovisan” modifed biosafety gold na
RUDA M.E., VASJANOVYCH O.M., BORYSEVYCH B.V., KARPYNCHYK V.A. Patomorphologycal researches in experimental T-2 toxicoses at mice and using food additive «Vitakorm»
RUDENKO O.P., VISCHUR O.I., KOVALENKO V. Species and seasonal features of resistance nonspecific carp fish
SACHUK R.N., ZHYHALUK S.V., ZBOZHYNSKA O.V., LUKYANYK I.N., SUS H.V., MAGRELO N.V., KATSARABA O.A. Phytospray efficiency for treatment and prevention of udder teats dermatitis in cattle
SAPSAI І.S. Spread of microscopic fungi in feed
SEREDA O., NEDOSEKOV V., POLUPAN I. Role of parvovirus infection in nosological profile of dogs and cats infectious diseases in Kiev
SHUMANSKIY YU. I. OCHRYM S.A. Recovery of reproductive function of cows after calving under the influence of preparation “Gepaveks-200”
SKRIPKA M.V., KOLYCH N.B., HUDZ N.V. Macroscopic changes at feline infectious peritonitis
SOKOLUK V., ZASEKIN D. Sanitary and hygienic evaluationof the water on the example of one of the farms of NULES of Ukraine
STRAVSKYY Y.S., REZNІCHENKO L.M., DIBKOVA S.M. A postnatal pathology prevention in cows by suppositories containing copper nanoparticles
SUS H.V., MAGRELO N.V., LUKYANYK I.N., ZHYHALYUK M.V. The influence of seasons, environmental and technological factors on erythrocyte sedimentation rate of cows
TARASOV O., SAPEIKO V., BABKINA M., PINCHUK N. Investigation of swine erysipelas causative agent antigenic peculiarities
TSUP V.I., VASULIV A.P., STASUK V. P. Sorbents Carbolayn efficiency in growing calves
YASHCHUK T.S ., RUSCHINSKAYA T.M., TIKHONOVА B.E. Basic parameters for mixed bred cattle of red polish breed
YEVSTAFIEVA V., MELNYCHUK V., YUSKIV I., LOZHKINA O. Morphometric identification of Trichuris suis eggs isolated from different biological substrates
ZASEKIN D., DYMKO R., KOVALENKO V. Investigation of new disinfectant “Univayt” fungicidal activity
ZHYHALYUK S.V., SACHUK R.M., LYSYTSYA A.V., ZHYHALYUK M.V. Possibile use of insecto-acaricide for sanitation of livestock buildings in the presence of animals
ZON G.A, SOROKOVA V.V., LOZHKINA O. V. Comparative pathomorphological evaluation manifestation of aspergillosis' manifestation caused by Aspergillus flavus in different species of poultry