Bulletin "Veterinary biotechnology"

2018: Issue 32 (1)

АКYМЕNКО L.I., GORDIENKO О.I., ТYNDYК В.C., МАNDZYA І.N. The value of phytocomponent in the culture medium for new synbiotic preparations producers
ANDRIYCHUK O.M., KOROTIEIEVA H.V., BUDZANIVSKA I.G. Necessity of introduction of educational disciplines on biosafety and bio-protection in educational programs of biologists in high educational institutions. Review
BARYSAVETS D.S., ZUJKEVICH T.A., KOSTIUK N.I., STRELCHENIA I.I., TKALICH E.S., KRASOCHKO P.A. Study of growth nutrient medium of unidentified cell culture and substantiation of the composition of preparations based on the products of their metabolism
BILOIVAN O.V., STEGNIY B.T., SOLODIANKIN O.S., GERILOVYCH A.P. Development of positive control assays for the detection of Bacillus anthracis plasmids PXO1 AND PXO2 via PCR
BLOTSKA O., GOLOVKO A., RODINA Y. Standardization of means for serological diagnosis of enzootic bovine leucosis
BUZUN A.I., STEGNIY B.T., KOLCHYK O.V., KOROVIN I.V. Development of vaccine against concurent African swine fever infections that promote eclipse of it’s spread in Ukraine
CHEPURNA V.A., SUPROVУCH T.M., VISHCHUR O.I., KOVALENKO V.L. Leukocytic and biochemical profile of blood courses, patients with clinical mastitis, for the effect of liposomal drugs on the basis of ethylthiosulfanilate
CHORNY M.V., SILINSKA O.I., SHCHEPETILNIKOV Y.O., MACHULA О.S. Use of helate complexes to provide swine health and increase the productivity of pigs
DANILOCHKIN К.М., DROZHZHE Zh.M., PISHANSKIY O.V., SVIDERSKIY V.S. The review of the cases of avian influenza in Ukraine in 2016-2017
DEREVIANKO S.V., RESHOTKO L.M., DMYTRUK O.O., GOLOVKO A.M., KATZYMON V.V. Improvement of system diagnostic and specific prophylax of teschovirus encephalomyelitis (Teschen disease)
DRAGUT S.S., STEGNIY B.T., BOLOTIN V.I., OBUKHOVSKAYA O.V., KUTZENKO V.A., BLIZNETSOV A.G., MARCHENKO N.V. et al. Epizootic features and laboratory diagnostics of association of ovine epididymitis (Brucella ovis) and chlamydiosis infection
FOTINA T.I., PLYS V.M. Biological properties of Pasteurella multocida isolated at the mixed pasteurellosis and ascaridosis diseases of poultry
FOTINA H.A., TION M.T. Pharmaco-toxicological properties of Abrus precatorius
GAVRASIEVA N.V., KUZMYCH G.S. Requirements of Ukraine and EU normative documents to the work of continuous cell cultures in the deposit procedure
GOLOVKO A.N., NAPNENKO O.О, YUSHCHENKO A.Y., PRISKOKA V.А. The role of the State scientific-control institute of biotechnology and strains of microorganisms on securement of epidemic welfare of Ukraine
GORDIENKO O.I. Use of high-didispers silicons А-300 in the submlimation of microorganisms
GRYDINA T.L., FEDCHUK A.S., SHITIKOVA L.I., KUZ’MIN V.E., ARTEMENKO A.G., BASOK S. S., GRUZEVSKY A.A. Molecular design and directed synthesis of new compounds with antiviral activity against avian influenza virus
GUJVINSKA S.O., PALIY A.P. Determination of antagonistic and adhesive properties of lactobacterium and bifidobacterium
HAIDEI O., GARKAVENKO T., PISHCHANSKYI O. Food allergens. Actuality and problems in Ukraine
ISHCHENKO L.M., ANDREEV I.V., SHYNKARENKO L.M., KALAKAYLO L.I., KOLESNIKOVA T.P. USHKALOV V.O. Use of molecular genetic methods for quality and safety control f production of agro industrial complex
KAMENSKAYA T.N., LUKYANCHIK S.A., HENDOGINA O.V., KRIVENOK L.L. Antimicrobial activity and influence of means of disinfectant "Permox" on animals of animals products by its application in maximum used concentrations
KASYANCHUK V., BERHYLEVYCH O., LOTSKIN I., DERIABIN O. Determination of the resistance gene to methicillin in isolates S. aureus, collected from milk of cows
KISIL D.O. Effect of "Kobacin" on performance indicators of bees families
KLESHOVA Z.S., GOLOVKO A.N. The role and place of vaccine in the system of prevention and struggle against foot-and-mouth disease
KLESTOVA Z.S. Foot-and-mouth disease - as a risk factor for modern animal breeding
KORNIIENKO L., TSARENKO T., BILYK S., SAVCHENIUK M. Antibiotic resistance of streptococcus pathogens in piglets and calves
KOLCHYK О.V. Distribution associated swine infections in farms of Ukraine
KOVALENKO V.L., GARKAVENKO V.M., KOVALENKO P.L., PONOMAROVA S.A. The study of essential oil antimicrobial activity and their composition on microorganism
KOVALENKO V.L., GARKAVENKO V.M., PONOMARENKO G.V., IHNATIEVA T.M., BALATSKYI Y.О., ZOTSENKO I.А. Research of antivirus and toxic influence disinfectant Orgaspet in cells culture PKEV, CTP
KRASOCHKO P.A., KRASOCHKO I.A., VYSOCHINA YE.S. Bee products in feeding calves
KRASOCHKO P.A., SNITKO T.V. Minimum inhibition and bactericide concentration of asparagine acid against microflora during endometritis in cows
KRASOCHKO P.A., SNITKO T.V. Antagonistic activity of microflora to the Lactimet and Batiniol probiotics during endometritis in cows
KUCHINSKY M.P., SONOV A.A. The study of the safety of a new injectable veterinary drug on the basis of macroelements
KUKHTYN M.D., PERKIY Y.B., SALATA V.Z., HORYUK Yu.V. Detergent sanitizer "San-active" for equipment sanitation in meat processing plants
LAMAKO U.V., NOVIKOVA O.N., ZUBOVSKAYA I.V., BELIANKО D.L., DADASHKO S.V. Influence of the vaccine for privention of colibacillosis, salmonellosis, klebsiellosis and proteosis in bovine on immunity of the calves up to two months of age
MAKALATIA KH., KAKABADZE E., BAKURADZE N., GRDZELISHVILI N., NATROSHVILI G., KUSRADZE I., GODERDZISHVILI M., SEDRAKYAN A. et al. Activity of bacteriophages to multiply resistant strains of salmonella and their various serotypes
MANDZJA І.M., VOITA O.S. Optimization of Avibacterium paragallinarum molecular diagnostic
MІAGKA K.S., TKACHUK S.A. Analysis of the implementation of the plan of annual state monitoring of balances of veterinary preparations and pollutants in honey
NAPNENKO O.O., KUCHERYAVENKO V.V., KUCHERYAVENKO R.O. Antigenic activity of mixed vaccines against viral respiratory diseases of cattle
NECHIPORENKO A.L., NAGORNAYA L.V., FOTIN A.V., PROSKURINA I.V. Determination of disinvasion efficiency of "Dezsan" preparation against poultry Eimeria
NECHYPORENKO О.L., BEREZOVSKYY A.V., PETROV R.V., FOTYN А.І. Investigation of the biocidal properties of the domestic preparation "Dezsan"
NOVIKOVA O.N., LAMAKA YU.V., BELIANKA D.L. Determination of the level of postvaccinal antibodies to Мannheimia haemolytica leukotoxin in guinea pigs in ELISA kit
OROBCHENKO O., ROMAN’KO M., KUTSAN O. Clinical indices of one day-old chickens' blood under the conditions of transovarial action of metal nanocomposite (Ag, Cu, Fe, MnО2) in comparison with metal salts
PALIY A.P., RODIONOVA K.O. Development of the disinfection regime of special vehicles of meat processing enterprises
PINCHUK N.G., GOLOVKO A.N., ZUBCHUK R.O. World experience of the use of autogenic vaccines for prevention of bacterial diseases of animals and their problems application in Ukraine
POLISCHCUK I., PINCHUK N. The role of vaccination against listeria in the wellness of animals
PRISKOKA V.A., SVIDERSKIY V.S., MARUSHCHAK L.V. , SKOVPEN' V.M., DATSENKO R.A., SKOROKHOD S.V., MOROZ O.A., HARKAVENKO V.M. African swine fever in Ukraine - five years of fighting
PINCHUK N.G., CHUMACHENKO V.V. Study of the susceptibility of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae isolated to antibacterial drugs by the agar dilution method
POLYAKOV I., IVANOVA L. New principles and possibilities for creation of immunobiological preparations and treatment of animal diseases
PUSTOVIT N.A., PINCHUK N.G., KUDRYAVCHENKO A.P. Investigation the ultrastructure of isolates Campylobacter isolated from poultry products
RATSKIY M. Haematological profile of cows with different performance level of productivity and their calves under administration of liposomal drug
ROMANENKO O.A. Serological method for quality control of vaccine for animals against rabies
RUBLENKO I., SKRYPNYK V., PINCHUK N., PUSTOVITN., RUBLENKO N. Determination of the stability of the biological properties of the vaccine strain Bac. anthracis UA-07 in production conditions
RUBLENKO N.M., DERYABIN O.M., GOLOVKO A.M. Induction of temperate phages in Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica using Mitomycin C
SAVINOVA I.V., KLESTOVA Z.S. New biotechnological approaches for the investigation of warm-blooded animals’ viruses using of ectothermic animals cells
SEMKO K.R., PINCHUK N.G. Study of the thermal stability of spore-forming strains of microorganisms for their use as bioindicators of the quality of sterilization process
SHCHERBAN E.P., DOVBYSH E.B., KONOPОLSKI A.P. Study of biologic Aktarofiet toxic effect on honeybees Apis mellifera L.
SIDASHOVA S., AVDOSEVA I., GRIGORASHEVA I., STRICSHAK A. Probiotic defense of mucous cows-donors as stage of biotechnology of transplantation of embryos
STEGNIY B., MAIBORODA O., MEDVID᾽ K., MUZYKA D., RULA O. Dynamics of immune response in chickens after vaccination with inactive bivalent vaccine against avian salmonellosis
STEGNIY B., MUZYKA D., PISCHANSKIY O., RULA O., TKACHENKO S., GERILOVYCH A. Isolation of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N8 from wild birds in Ukraine
STEGNIY B.T., BEREZHNA N.V., MAIBORODA O.V., MUZYKA D.V., RULA O.M. Distribution of poultry clostridiosis in Ukraine from 2013 to 2017
STEGNIY B.T., HADZEVYCH D.V., HADZEVYCH O.V., ALIMOV S.S. Efficacy of vaccinal prevention of cattle economically significant bacterial diseases
STEGNIY B., RULA O., MUZYKA D.,BOGACH D., MAIBORODA О. Development of the technology for manufacturing domestic vaccine against contagious agalactia of sheep and goats
STEGNIY M.Yu., STEGNIY B.T. Applying the cryopreservation of bovine leucosis virus in biotechnology of production leukemia antigen
TYNDYK V.S. Freeze-drying alotrasplantant as a means of preparation of the environment for cultivation of microorganisms
VASILKOVA V.P., SHHEMELEVA N.Ju. "Virococcidum" is a new complex antiparastic preparation
VYGOVSKA L.M. Study of biological properties of epizootic strains Salmonella spp
ZADOROZHNA V., VYNNYK N. Questions of bioethics and biosafety in the problem of biotechnology and use of vaccine for prevention of human infectious diseases