Bulletin "Veterinary biotechnology"

2019: Issue 34

DOBROZHAN I., SHEVCHENKO L. Content of colistin in chicken litter under mesophilic storege
DYBKOVA S.М., TIUTIUN S.M., RIEZNICHENKO L.S., ZHOVNIR O.M., ANDRIYASCHUK V.A., UKHOVSKA T.M., GRUZINA Т.G. Estimation of genotoxicity and cytotoxicity of stimulating tissue preparation (“STP”) and “STP” modifed by iron nanoparticles
ЕNCIU V. Incidence, diagnosis and treatment of some acropodium lesions in dairy cows in the conditions of farms of the Republic of Moldova
ERHAN D.K, RUSU S.F., KIHAY O.P., ZAMORNYA M.N., GHERASIM E.V. Influence of fasciolosis on the indicators of the chemical composition of meat and liver in cattle
KASJANENKO O.I., GUSEV V.A., KASJANENKO S.M., NAGORNA L.V., PUNKO I.V. Determination of the levels of contamination of slaughter poultry by Campylobacter spp.
KATYUKHA S.М. Peculiarities of pathogenesis in case of simuliidotoxicosis of cattle
KATYUKHA S.M., VOZNYUK I.A., OREL A.M. The modern antiparasitic means for pond fish farming (review)
KRYVOSHYIA P.IU., RUD O.H. Immunobiological indicators in horses with latent rhinopneumonia
KUCHERUK M.D., BILYK R.I., IHNATOVSKA M.V., TARASOV O.A. Study of the total bacterial count and number of micromycetes in the poultry house after probiotic preparation use
PINCHUK N.G., GOLOVKO A.N., GARKAVENKO T.A. Analysis of the epizootic situation of the swine erysipelas on the territory of Ukraine for 2006–2017
PROKOPENKO T.O., MALІMON Z.V., GUSAK L.M., MOLODIK A.G. Evaluation of the results of the radiation pollution of food and feed in 2013–2017
PRYKHODKO Y.О., LULIN P.V., BULAVINA V.S., RUDENKO I.O. Trichomoniasis of domestic dogs and cats
PYSKUN A.V., UKHOVSKYI V.V., ALIEKSEIEVA G.B., SPIRIDONOV V.G., PYSKUN O.O. The development of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) for diagnostics of leptospirosis in animals
SACHUK R.N. Efficiency of the preparation on the basis of essential oils and oily solution of chlorophyllipt in the treatment of nipples’ hyperkeratosis of the udder of cows
SAPACHOVA M., PISHCHANSKYI O., SUSHKO M., USACHENKO N. MEZHENSKYI A. Results of laboratory control of some infectious animal diseases in Ukraine in 2018 using molecular-genetic methods
STARCHUK M., OSADCHI N., MANCHU A., ENCHU V. Some epidemiological aspects of rabies in animals in the Republic of Moldova
TIMOSHENKO R.Yu., FOTINA T.I., NAZARENKO S.M. Veterinary-sanitary evaluation of broiler chickens’ meat after adding chelated trace elements to their diet
YERMOLENKO O.M. Porcine proliferative enteropathy (ileitis) (review)
YEVTUSHENKO A.V. Effectiveness of the drug based on chloroquine for ciliophorosis treatment in fish
ZHOVNIR A.M., ANDRIІАSHCHUK V.A., UKHOVSKA T.M., TІUTІUN S.M., MINTSUK E.P. Hematological indicators of the blood of rabbits vaccinated by experimental samples of vaccines “Velshisan”, “Velshisan + AUNP” “Velshisan + AUNP-stimul”