Bulletin "Veterinary biotechnology"

2019: Issue 35

BOGACH M.V., STEGNIY B.T., BOGACH D.M. Morphological changes in the blood of sheep vaccinated against infective agalactia of sheep and goats
BOGACH M.V., STOYANOVA V.Yu. The effect of acute and chronic course of daveniosis on biochemical indicators of hens’ blood serum
DEDOK L., DROZHZHE Zh., DZIUBA Ia. The results of serological test of cattle for chlamydiosis in Ukraine in 2016–2018
DUDA Y.V., PRUS M.P. Indicators of cellular immunity in case of рassalurosis of rabbits
HALKA I.V., MUZYKINA L.M., MANDYGRA S.S, CHEHUN A.I., SYDORENKO T.V., KRAVTSOVA O.L. Distribution of animal and poultry salmonellosis in Ukraine in 2015–2018
KAMINSKAYA O.V., MARCHENKO T.V., MEDVEDENKO S.I., SHEVCHENKO L.V. Validation of the method for determining histamine in fish and fish products by the method of liquid chromatography using an uv detector and derivatization
KRASOCHKO P.A., KRASOCHKO P.P., KURDEKO A.P., ZVAVORONOK S.V., DOVIDOV V.V., ARABIE A.A., BORISOVETS D.S., PROKOPENKOVA T.M., NYCHYK S.A. Study of the role of animals as the residues of the human hepatitis virus
KRASOCHKO P.A., PRITYCHENKO A.V., BORISOVETS D.S., PONASKOV M.A., LAMAN N.A., UKHOVSKA T.M. Studying the anti-virus activity of a water-soluble form of propolis
KRASOCHKO P.А., YAROMCHYK Y.P., KRASOCHKO P.P., KRASOCHKO V.P., SHASHKOVA Y.А., SINITSA N.V., TARASOV O.A. Adjuvantas in construction of mixed vaccines against infectious enterites of calves
NECHYPORENKO О.L., BEREZOVSKYY A.V., PETROV R.V., FOTYN А.І. Research on species composition of microflora in poultry farms of different type
PRITYCHENKO A.V., KRASOCHKO P.A., PRITYCHENKO A.N., PONASKOV M.A., SHAGAKO N.M., VELEVA E.R., HUDZ N.V. Amino acid composition of the filtrate of the culture fluid of lactic acid bacteria
RIEZNICHENKO L.S., DYBKOVA S.M., DOROSHENKO A.M. Iron nanoparticles as an effective means for prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia in animals
SACHUK R.M., STRAVSKY Y.S., GORYUK YU.V., ZHIGALYUK S.V. Efficiency of the postpartum cow pathology complex prevention schemes
SHAHABPOUR A., SOROKA N.M., PASHKEVYCH I.Yu. The influence of knemidocoptosis causes on the general state of decorative birds
ZHOVNIR O.M., ANDRIIASHCHUK V.O., HARKAVENKO T.O., UKHOVSKA T.M., MINTSIUK Ye.P., TIUTIUN S.M. Monitoring of infectious diseases in Ukraine
ZHURENKO O.V., KARPOVSKIY V.I., DANCHUK О.V., HUDZ N.V. Correlation of copper content in the blood of cows with tonus of the autonomic nervous system