Bulletin "Veterinary biotechnology"

2020: Issue 36

BOIKO P.K., BOIKO O.P., NYCHYK S.A., SYTNIK V.A., MAZUR V.M. Cattle infection caused by atypical mycobacteria in a separated herd
DANKEVYCH N.I. The influence of feed additives from marine hydrobionts on a quality indicators of chicken broiler meat
DIDORUK S.A., ENCHU V.Z., HUDZ N.V. Morphometric changes of rabbit reproductive system in postembryonic development
DZIUBA Іa.M. Assessment of the specific protection level of domestic carnivorous animals after antirabic vaccination
GARKAVENKO T.A., GORBATIUK O.I., KOZITSKA T.G., ANDRIYASHCHUK V.O., DIBKOVA S.M. Determination of vancomicin-resistant strains (VRE) with VanA and VanB enzymes among field isolates of Enterococcus Spp., obtained from drinking water samples
HOMENKO V.G., HOMENKO Y.V., UKHOVSKYI V.V., DIACYENKO T.O. Brucella antigen purification for the diagnosis of animal brucellosis with indirect ELISA test
KAMINSKA O.V., MARCHENKO T.V., PILKEVICH N.Y., KUPRICH O.N., SHEVCHENKO L.V. Aflatoxin contamination of peanuts and their products
KATYUKHA S.M., MAGRELO N.V., SUS G.V., VUS U.M. Analysis of distribution of diseases in dogs and cats by age
KLYAP N., MASLYUK A., SHKOLYARENKO L., KRACHKOVSKA O., KYIVSKA G. Research of change of acid fat and protein content in samples of frozen fish of different species depending on the change of organoleptic properties
KOCHETOVA G.S., MALIMON Z.V., KIEVSKAJA A.V., PROKOPENKO T.A., GUSAK L.N., MUZYCHENKO E.V. Analysis of results of research of food products and feed contaminated by CS-137 and SR-90 radionuclides in the Zhitomir and Rivne regions in 2013–2019
KRASOCHKO P.А., KRASOCHKO I.A., KASHPAR L.N., BORISOVETS D.S., SHASHKOVA Y.А., NYCHYK S.A., TARASOV O.А. Selection of nutrient media for cultivation of continuous animal cell using microcarriers under conditions of industrial enterprises
KRYVOSHYIA P., RUD О. The immunobiological state of horses and tension of post-vaccination immunity to influenza virus
NECHYPORENKO O., BEREZOVSKIY A., SHKROMADA O., ULKO L., NYCHYK S.A. Assessment of ADG disinfectant cumulative and metabolic rate effect in laboratory animals
NIKIFOROVA O., PRYKHODKO YU., MAZANNYІ O., FEDOROVA H., LYULIN P., RESHETILO O. Species composition and epizootological aspects of intestinal nematodoses of horses of Kharkiv oblast
SACHUK R.M. Biochemical parameters of cows blood in different physiological periods and their relationship with the obstetrics pathology
SIRYK O.O., TSYGANOVYCH O.A., PROKOPENKO V.A., ZHOVNIR О.M., TІUTІUN S.M. Nanosized selenium particles – perspective therapeutic agent with a wide spectrum of action for veterinary needs (review)
TARASOV O.A., TERESCHENKO S.M., SAVCHENIUK M.O. The study of peculiarities of swine streptococcosis causative agent (S. suis) surface antigenes when cultivating in vitro
YANHOL Yu.A. Study of fungi feed contamination and their mycotoxins
ZHOVNIR A.M., ANDRIYASHCHUK V.A., MINTSYUK E.P. Total immunoglobulins measurement in blood serum of rabbits vaccinated with vaccines containing metal nanoparticles