Bulletin "Veterinary biotechnology"

2022: Issue 41

BEZYMENNYI M., TARASOV O., HUDZ N., ZAKHAROVA O. Study of the effect of germinant on the genus Bacillus spores germination
DROZHZHE Zh.M., POLUPAN I.M., RUDOI O.V., GAIDEI O.S., DEDOK L.A. Monitoring of newcastle disease vaccination in Ukraine
ZHOVNIR A.M., MINTCIUK E.P., TARASOV O.A. Application of multiplex PCR for the detection of toxin-producing Cl. perfringens in biological samples
KRYVOSHYYA P.YU., MANDYHRA YU.M., KATYUKHA S.M., LYSYTSYA A.V. Use of Sus domesticus cell cultures for testing the properties of compositions with polyhexamethylene biguanidine
КRYTSIA Y.P., ZAKHAROVA O.M., MOLOZHANOVA A.V., SYDORENKO T.V. Effect of ribotan and cycloferon on the immunological blood parameters in foals
MEZHENSKYI A.A., MEZHENSKA N.A., КRYTSIA Y.P., TARASOV O.A., MEZHENSKYI A.O., NYCHYK S.A. Regulatory and logistical support of laboratory diagnostics on hemorrhagic disease of rabbits in ukraine and its compliance with current international requirements
MEZHENSKYI A.O., MEZHENSKA N.A., MEZHENSKYI A.A., NYCHYK S.A., TKACHENKO S.M. Antiseptic effectiveness of the drug «ASEPT-VH» in preparation of the surgical field in dogs in surgery
MOLOZHANOVA A.V., NYCHYK S.A., HUDZ N.V., TARASOV O.A. Study for the fragments of the SARS-CoV-2 virus genome detection in different species of domestic and productive animals by the RT-PCR method
YANGOL Y.A., ZAKHAROVA O.M., TARASOV O.A. Study of the species composition of toxin-producing microscopic fungi of the genus Fusarium in grain and compound feed from different regions of ukraine
KOSHEVOY V.I., NAUMENKO S.V. Dynamics of peroxidation processes in male rabbits under experimental LPS-induced oxidative stress