Bulletin "Veterinary biotechnology"

2023: Issue 42

HUDZ N., NYCHYK S., HLADIY M., OBOZNENKO N., MELNYCHENKO O. Study of the prevalence of Leptospira serovars in cattle in 2020–2022 (2)
YEVSTAFIEVA V., MELNYCHUK V., PRYKHODKO YU., KRYVORUCHENKO D. Comparative efficiency of identification methods of Dirofilaria immitis nematodes
YEMELYANENKO A., YEMELYANENKO O., KOZIY V., POROSHYNSKA O., STOVBETSKA L., SHMAYUN S., SADOVNIK J. Compulsive behavioral disorders in dogs and their correction
ZHOVNIR A. M., MYNTSIUK E. P. Mannheimia haemolytica as a cause of respiratory diseases in sheep (review)
ZAKHAROVA O., TARASOV O., YANGOL YU. A. Study of the species composition of fungi of the genus fusarium in samples of corn grain in Ukraine
KATYUKHA S. M., KRIVOSHIA P. YU. Study of the economic effectiveness of «Ectosan» and «Ciflur» for the protection of milk cows against midges and ticks
KOSHEVOY V.I., NAUMENKO S.V. Assessment of the reproductive toxicity of metal nanoparticles as components of nanobiotechnologies prospective for animal reproduction (review)
MEZHENSKYI A.A., MEZHENSKA N.A., KRYTSIA I.P. Indicators of the epizootic process manifestation of rabbit hemoragic disease (RHDV (GI.1) and RHDV2 (GI.2)) in Ukraine in 2021-2022
SEREDA O.V., SPYRYDONOV V.G., TARASOV O.A., КRYTSIA Y.P., NYCHYK S.A. Development of an express test for the detection of african swine fever virus antigen by the method of magnetic immunofluorescence analysis
SYTIUK M., TARASOV O., HLADIY M.V. Improvement of the real-time polymerase chain reaction methodology for detection of african swine fever virus DNA
TARASOV O.A., BEZYMENNYI M.V., ZAHAROVA O.M. Study of the effect of dodecylamine on the bacterial spores of Bacillus genus germination
DIDORUC S. Morphometric analysis of arterial vascular branches of reproductive organs in rabbits during the intensive growth period
DUMITRIU A. Aspects of the innervation mode of the adjacent anatomical formations of the coxofemoral joint in dogs
ENCIU V.Z., HUDZ N.V. Changes of the regional vascular bed in toes septic diseases of cattle
KYIVSKA G.V., MEZHENSKYI A.O., LYTVYNENKO O.P., SUSHKO M. I., MANDYHRA S. S., DEDOK L.A., SKOROKHOD S.V., DATSENKO R.A. Study of distribution and species composition of ticks in the south and south-eastern regions of Ukraine