Bulletin "Veterinary biotechnology"

2023: Issue 43

BEZYMENNYI M., TARASOV O. The use of a disinfectant in combination with a germicide to neutralize bacterial spores of the genus Bacillus in the soil
HUDZ D., OBOZNENKO N., MELNYCHENKO O. Study of the prevalence of Leptospira serovars in pigs in 2020–2022
YEVSTAFIEVA V., MELNYCHUK V., BUDNYK D. PRYKHODKO YU., KYRYCHKO B. Effectiveness of flotation methods for coproscopic diagnosis of nematodoses of the gastrointestinal tract of cattle
ZHOVNIR O., MINTSIUK E., SAVCHENIUK M., TARASOV O. Development of a test kit for the detection of C. septicum by real-time polymerase chain reaction
ZHAKHAROVA O., YANGOL Y., TARASOV O. Development of a PCR test kit for the identification of microscopic fungi of the genus Fusarium in corn grain
KATYUKHA S.M., KRIVOSHIA P.YU. Clinical and pathogenetic features of babeziosis in dogs
KOLESNIKOV A., STEGNII B. Development of the technological regulations to produce an inactivated vaccine against chicken hemophilia using Ukrainian epizootic-relevant strains
KOSHEVOY V.I., VIKULINA G.V., NAUMENKO S.V. Influence of use N-acetylcystein for the correction of antioxidant status in rabbits’ on indicators of blood plasma lipid profile
КRYTSIA Y.P., MELNICHUK Y.M., MEZHENSKA N.A., ZAKHAROVA O.M., SYDORENKO T.V. International standard ISO/IEC 17025 as a marker of quality assurance and compliance of the testing laboratory
MEZHENSKYI A.A., MEZHENSKA N.A. Course, symptoms and pathomorphological changes in rabbit hemorrhagic disease caused by viruses of type one (GI.1) and two (GI.2)
MEZHENSKYI A.O., MEZHENSKA N.A. Analysis of modern approaches to the creation and operation of a network of official testing laboratories in some EU countries (review)
MELNYCHUK V., KOVALENKO S. Comparative efficiency of Chorioptes bovis mites micropreparations preparing
MOLOZHANOVA A., NYCHYK S., HUDZ N., TARASOV O. Application of the loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) for the SARS-CoV-2 virus diagnostics detection
SEVERIN R.V., GONTAR’ A.M., RUBAN V.O., KUSHCH M.M., HLUSHCHENKO Y.V., SHTAGER G.M. Features of the spread of infectious rhinotracheitis caused by FHV-1 among cats in Kharkiv and improvement of their treatment methods
SYTIUK M. Current episootic situation and prospective ways of prevention and control of african swine fever in Ukraine
TUYAKHOV M.F. Investigation of the sensitivity of staphylococus isolates in dogs with otitis
SHEVCHENKO M., TARASOV O., ANDRIICHUK A., HONCHARENKO V., TSARENKO T. Optimization of laboratory PCR protocols for the accurate identification of S. aureus and S. pseudintermedius in dogs
YANGOL Y., TARASOV O. Studying the effect of temperature on the accumulation of fumonisin B1 produced by F. moniliforme in maize grain